Here’s 7 Secrets to Having the Wedding of Your Dreams!

SECRET #1: How To Guarantee Your Wedding Lives Up To Your Dreams.

It’s true that the photographer you choose to photograph your wedding will determine the success or failure of the day of your wedding. The day of your wedding will be more than just pictures! Why? Because he’s THERE – with you and your family in person, engaging with your entire guests and family members and representing you every minute.

HONESTLY It’s not about photography for weddings. This is about YOU WEDDING. How you feel at the end of your wedding day, and how sweet and smooth everything runs. This is exactly what your wedding photographer will do. It’s how he assists in organizing your wedding day, how he treats you and behaves throughout the day.

Amazing Secret revealed – What Other Wedding Photographers Wouldn’t Like to Tell You!

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This is the key: Before you employ anyone, meet the photographer IN PERSON Most brides don’t realize that many studios hire part-time wedding photographers to photograph their weddings for them -a lot of the low end studios will employ college and high school students, friends, relatives or even relatives. You can visit a studio and talk to the salesperson. After that, you’ll be able to take a look at their portfolios and make a decision without knowing the person who will photograph your wedding. If it’s not the right person doing the photography, and also interacting with your entire family and guests, your wedding could be ruined!

When you talk to studios you might be interested in, ask them the following questions:

1. Who is the photographer I am viewing them from?

2. Who will be our wedding photographer if we choose your studio?

3. Before we sign a contract with your studio, we’d like to MEET that person.

Then, when you meet someone then, you can ask him or her these questions:

1. What do you plan to wear for my wedding?

2. Did you capture all of wedding pictures we have looked through in the samples? If not, then show us your work, and we will be happy to see it.

3. How many years have you been filming weddings? Are you more fond of film or digital?

4. What date and time will you be present at my wedding? The time will be specified on the agreement.

5. Who do you first check with before leaving at the end of your wedding to find out if you have any other requirements?

6. Do you have the ability to manage a list of pictures? You don’t want an photographer that has to adhere to a checklist for wedding pictures! He will spend his entire time staring at the checklist, and will forget all the romantic, unplanned and romantic moments at your wedding! Decide whether you truly like him and his work! Since he’ll be spending lots of time with your family and loved ones on the day of your wedding. A few additional details need to be cover and stipulated on written agreement / contract that the studio representative or actual photographer will sign along with the bride and groom.

SECRET #3: A Warning If you don’t protect this secret, a catastrophe could happen at your wedding

This may seem obvious but many brides overlook this and end up paying much for it after the wedding. Make sure that the wedding photographer you choose has happy brides and grooms who have written to them and expressed their appreciation for his work. These are testimonials! from real people. You can call them to inquire about them and confirm that they’re speaking the truth. It’s difficult to comprehend but it’s not difficult to understand! Sorry!) I’m sorry for being so cautious, but we live in a time in history where you have to be really vigilant to make sure that the people you trust are telling the truth.

Secret #4: How To Create A Wonderful Wedding.

You want to make sure that the photographer you choose for your wedding is an emotional storyteller! A photographer who uses images to tell the emotional about you, your family and the day. This is really important for you if you’re looking for photographs which will be priceless for you for years years to come! And here’s why this is so important! A person who is an EMOTIONAL storyteller has a higher likelihood of being compassionate in keeping your day from being ruined. It is only an authentic romantic will know how important the day is to you and how well you would like it to go. True romantics will be mindful of not interfering with the emotional EXPERIENCE OF YOUR Day!

The photographer has to be adept at anticipating and recording the emotions, reflections, relationships, and the relationships of the Bride, Groom, and their families and their friends. The photographer who is spending more time learning about who is coming to the wedding, their names and speaking to them about the importance and significance of each aspect of the day including getting ready pictures to the ceremony and reception is typically the one who is the most engaged.

SECRET #5: The Truth about Wedding Photographers Unveiled. What they want you to Not Tell Me!

It is not my intention to make any negative remarks about any wedding photographers from the area. I have many of them personally, and count many of them as my friends. It is essential for me to provide you with information about issues that you may not have heard about.

Here’s the “biggie”.

Many photographers at weddings try to pack as many weddings as possible into one day. Many times that means they have to rush from your wedding, for another one, and then rush from that one, to go to the next. This type of wedding photographer just isn’t going to be capable of capturing the EMOTIONS, ROMANCE and love, as well as the bonds between your spouse and you, and also between your family and friends. He’s just won’t have the passion, sensitivity and passion for what he does be able to capture those feelings. And he won’t have the time nor the energy. The photographer must pay attention to your event but not overbearing. However, he must also know what is important and how it can be covered.

This is the most overlooked aspects of choosing the wedding photographer. It is now easy to acquire and utilize a digital camera due to the digital revolution. But that doesn’t mean that owning a digital camera, and being able to use it, makes an individual professional photographer. In addition, one must know what shooting the wedding is technically, a wedding photographer acts as the glue that puts everything together. The most important part of their job is to be adept at interacting with others. There are always time limitations and challenges with people for wedding photographers who needs to handle in a professional and courteous manner , and be able cover completely the wedding photos to meet the highest expectations of the marrying couple. This is crucial! This is crucial!


This means that he isn’t going to to do it all on his own to capture your most important day. It requires a lot planning, attention and effort to put together a romantic emotional display of your wedding. It requires more effort than one person can. We are a TEAM. A team who, when working together will ensure that you do not only have a wonderful experience on your wedding day but also guarantees you of having PERFECTLY EMOTIONAL photos!


It’s not “wedding photography,” according to me however, it’s “Emotional Family Photographic” was created for your wedding day! It’s all the emotions, relationships and personalities of all your guests and relatives, which are beautifully captured to you and your family to treasure for the rest of your lives. Isn’t this what you desire? Do you not think it’s the People and Emotions in your life that matter the most to you? People and emotions of your wedding and life are very important to you, so that is why it’s so crucial for photographers to capture the gorgeous dresses and floral arrangements and all the aspects of your wedding, including the décor, as well as the entire atmosphere of the ceremony and reception. Your wedding photos will “tell the story” about your day, and your family and friends. How To Be Assured That You’ll be the Most Beautiful Bride Your Friends Or Relatives have ever Viewed!


You deserve your wedding day when you’re the most gorgeous bride any of your relatives or friends have ever seen. This is the goal for every bride who begins to visualize her wedding day. It’s your day! You’ll choose the ideal dress, headpiece, veil and shoes, as well as flowers, etc. Yes, you will get your hair and make-up done. However, it’s more than that. Beauty also comes from how you feel at your wedding. Your feelings and the way they reflect on your face.

A lot of my brides understand this when I say it: When you hire an photographer to capture your wedding, you’re paying for them to show up. They’ll take stress and tension out of your day. Your photographer is concerned about your needs and will support you in any way to ensure your wedding day is flawless. That’s really what our brides are paying us to do. If you, your spouse (there’s that great word again! You’ll look so much more beautiful if you, your husband (there’s that wonderful word again! ), and all of your guests have an amazing time. Because there won’t be any tension. Because you were so happy and had a wonderful time and your pictures will be stunning.

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