The Art of Business Blogs

Blogs are the news and textbooks of the future. They have established themselves as a popular presence on the internet. For those who want to build a website for the first time, but may not have much content. The blog has helped in generating a lot of traffic for even the smallest website. If someone blogs every day on a blogging website, their site will have more than 365 pages! (each blog becomes its own page…well, in blogging programs like blogger and wordpress). With all this content in the niche, the traffic will come. Well, not exactly.

The whole “build it and they will come” philosophy no longer applies to the Internet. Maybe with the evolution of the internet, in the next 2 years, that might be true. Now, even the biggest and best blog can disappear if it is not advertised or connected to the network in some way. It would be good to start a good looking website with targeted content and analyze traffic patterns. If so, there will be many rich bloggers. Blogs have also become the best way to learn the latest and greatest news in any industry. Now I read current events and comics sometimes days before they appear in the news or on the radio. Blogging is a bigger powerhouse than most people realize.

If you are planning to start a blog, make sure it has a niche or target audience. You can start a gardening blog, a wedding blog, a business blog, an internet business blog, a marketing blog, a web design blog, a graphic design blog, and even a superhero ninja clown. You’d be surprised how many people are blogging these days…and even more surprised what people are blogging about. Regularly reading blogs is not only a good way to measure your audience and your target industry, but it is also a good way to keep up with the latest trends and trends in any interest. Actually, the blog is really the latest. media types… on sites like Digg, Twitter, Reddit and Stumble On, your blog must be seen by people!

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So how do you throw shameless self-promotion into your own blog, or better yet… even into other people’s blogs? If you are writing a targeted blog, in your industry, this should not be difficult. Say you are a music teacher. You created a dance blog and promoted it. List your business and expertise on a blog from time to time. As other industry players find your blog, they will link to it on their site if they like your content. This is the art of basic blog promotion. There are also a number of websites to submit your blog to, such as Technorati, and a few other sites that you can set up to start tracking traffic, inbound links, and more. Another obvious key to promoting a business blog is your personal network on your blog. Many bloggers find it thoughtful to leave comments on blogs to show their appreciation and add to the community experience. Comments also leave your blog link behind, so others can find you through popular blogs in your industry. Making friends in the blogging world is a great way to get your blog and name out there. It is also a great way to generate regular readers for your blog.

I strongly recommend that if you have a business and a business website, add a blog to it as soon as possible. Whether it’s a company news blog or just a blog about news and happenings within your own company. It’s a great way to add more content (words) to your site that is like fodder for search engines. Industry experts have said that adding a blog to your business site is a great way to communicate with your customers, as they can answer questions and resolve any issues they may have. Many buyers also see it as a better way to gain authority in the industry. Big companies that use blogs include Toyota, Google, HP and many others.

Finally, blogging can be a great tool for promoting your business if used properly. Remember, the blogging world is big, so if you’re ready to sit down and start a blog, make sure you come up with a blog marketing plan. Submit it, submit it to the network! Don’t be shy when it comes to answering questions. If you like someone else’s blog, be sure to comment and let them know! Bloggers appreciate feedback, and it often leads to new friends and readers

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